viernes, marzo 08, 2013

The Fall - Bury (Pts. 2 + 4)

I'm on, I'm on
All that road is battle, battle plan
I'm from Bury, as in Bourrée
A French composition
On a fluted instrument
I can, I can

I can make strong lands
Rendering, writing off
Of the milk of my elbow
Read folders left-handed CD

And you will suffer all the seasons
On the sides of municipal buildings
And used to stop drafts
In glass fronted art homes

And one day a Spanish king
With a council of bad knaves
Tried to come to Bury

A new way of recording
A chain round the neck
Ding, off he trots
You can't say anything nowadays
I said if
I'm from Bury

Don't mess around, pal
I'm wolverine
I'm from Bury
'A French prince,' I said

This song means something
Every song means something
Swap again
Hit it!

And two kids to go with it

I'm not from Bury
I'm not from Bury, man
I'm not from Bury
I'm not from Bury, man

Is the artistic Mark in fact
Got rid of vermin
Like the grey squirrels
By rooting out
Ben Marshall's articles
Or user recordings
On his vile manufacturing community

I'm from Bury

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